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Based on extensive hands-on experience of building global brands online and offline, we offer personalized support to bring your company forward in an structured and inclusive approach. Agency Fischercon ensures success with digitalization. We are ready to support you in any stage of your digital transformation. From as early on as strategy definition to the point of implementation. And after implemtentation we support you with keeping an close eye on the metrics to ensure quick improvements.

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We work hand in hand with selected partners around the world to ensure an optimal outcome in the most efficient way. Because we understand that complex issues are resolved best by experts across teams and functions. To ensure success with digitalization, we at Fischercon currently grow our offical partner network at lightning speed and look forward to share some announcements soon.

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A picture of an digital convention as planned to be held by Fischercon in 2020.


We have the ambition to launch a first digital focussed event in Ecuador in 2020. This event will be interactive with rather short presentations and plenty of roundtable discussion. We are working on an agenda which includes elements of transformation, organisational change processes and experts sharing practical experiances. In addition, a team of skilled international speakers are identified and available to share their expertize. Reach out anytime and we collaborate to onboard the ideal speaker to your event. We strive to share our knowledge to ensure success with digitalization.

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Struggling reaching our target audience in an orchestrated way across all the communication channels? You might be unaware of the impact and therefore your teams deal with uncertainty about how to allocate funds to tactics and audiences and behaviour types? Let us support you with our profound understanding about optimised digital eco-systems, precise media planning and effective communication. We ensure your message converts into results.

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