Its not a secret – united we deliver even more value. Therefore Fischercon strongly collaborates as commercial partner with some international solution providers. Objective of such a partnership is to provide optimal customer experience and increase impact by providing (on-site) consulting and required services during and after the implementation. This can include strategic planning, software implementation management, user training and post-implementation reviews/KPI and ROI evaluation.

Multichannel customer engagement technologies

The benefits of multichannel engagement

Multichannel customer engagement empowers you to engage HCPs in a cost-effective way, and even increase overall reach, by making it easier and more convenient for customers to engage. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Provide better customer experiences
  • Empower your reps
  • Enable better segmentation
  • Increase ROI

About Rainmaker Multichannel

Agnitio’s Rainmaker is a multichannel engagement software solution that enables your field force to engage with HCPs and payers in powerful ways via multiple connected channels. These include:

  • Face-to-face e-detailing
  • Remote meetings
  • Approved emails
  • Personalized websites

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How to create effective multichannel customer journeys

Rainmaker can be used as single channels or to connect different engagement channels (f2f, remote, and digital). See how one of Germany’s largest and most established healthcare companies went from paper-based detailing to providing impactful digital customer experiences in a simple way.

Client case: The benefits of multichannel engagement

A large pharmaceutical company was challenged due to increased competition, changing market conditions and new HCP expectations. With Rainmaker they were able to provide more relevant HCP support, significantly improving the customer experience while building more actionable customer insights.

Benefit from Agnitio Rainmaker

Initiate a first evaluation to realize how Agnitio Rainmaker will increase reach and impact of your communication.

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The world stands still due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue your engagement with your preciuous target audience by applying remote detailing. Use this amazing offer to get Agnitio Rainmaker remote detailing for free (30 days). Dont miss valuable customer interactions!

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