How to Avoid Burnout In The Age Of Remote Work

From one day to another millions of people were asked to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This for the most of us, rather new way of working as blurred the line between our personal and professional lives in a time where many of us face economical pressure and general insecurity caused by the world-wide situation. In additional it might be particularly stressful for working parents as they need to balance their work efforts and homeschooling in addition to usual everyday tasks. With no sign of this situation coming to an end, it poses a risk to employee burnout, as new data reveals.

Here some practical advise to arrange in the best way with the new normal:

Embrace a routine, and normal hours

In case you have a certain routine – continue with it, otherwise its important to build one. It provides structure and hinders us to get tangled up in everything and get nothing done. Fill freed-up time (yaay, no daily commutes anymore) with something you like and always wanted to do. While working from home requires flexibility, ensure to stick to your regular working hours. Set expectations with your co-workers and manager so they will know when you’ll be online and try to stay within those parameters.

Set up your space for work

If you do not have a dedicated home office due to limited space at home, try to design an only work area, even if it’s just in a corner of your bedroom. Having a separate area to work helps your senses to focus, concentrate and keeps stress at minimum level. Ensure to use a good chair and desk as the influence your body posture.

Admit what you do not know… and learn

This situation is still rather new, and its normal we feel insecure here and there. And this is fine. We got thrown into a new setup and need to learn how to deal with it and this requires a set of new capabilities. See it as a positive if you found areas which you do not feel comfortable yet and free up resources to get yourself familiar with them. There are plenty of great (free) courses on ways to stay productive, build relationships virtually, and the importance of balancing family and work dynamics in a healthy way.

Connection is key. 

Especially in these days many of us feel a deep desire to engage with others. Keep up as many relations with your colleagues as possible. Most of us have plenty of video calls a day, but remember, not every meeting must be on video. Take liberty to do phone calls while walking or sitting outside.

Get on the same page with goals

Communication in these days can be more challenging. The more important is to be on the same page about the to-dos. Speak regularly within your organisation about realistic short-term tasks, priorities, and objectives. That way you will know what to expect, and what to deliver.

Be kind to yourself

Its more tempting than ever to be available 24/7 but its important you take time for yourself. Go and stretch between the virtual meetings, get sure you have that coffee during the morning, close business-related software when finished work, etc.

Please remember, everyone is doing their best, including you!

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